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Removable cover for equipment and devices

Area of application
  • Pipeline systems and isolation valves;
  • Industrial ventilation;
  • Turbines and pumps;
  • Engines and exhaust systems;
  • Heat insulation of pipelines at thermal, nuclear and heat power plants.
  • Decrease of energy loss;
  • Noise insulation;
  • Stability of working temperature;
  • Safety of work and operation of constructions;
  • Simplicity of installation;
  • Multiple use;
  • Longevity;
  • Esthetic look.
  • Inner layer. Layer is made of material with different temperature of use. Inner layer can be also reinforced if needed, and have section for installation and fastening of heating cable;
  • Heat-insulating layer. The most widely used material is basalt ultrathin fiber;
  • Outer layer. Removable covering can be made of low-temperature or high-temperature insulation. Also there are different kinds of coating materials, such as: glass fiber, basalt fiber and foil;
  • Fixing systems. For secure fixation different system sofas tening are used in the construction: clinchers, straps with D-shaped hoops, high-temperature Velcro fasteners, special cord and holder systems, etc.
Design versions of removable covers

Our factory design and produce removable covers according to the technical demands of the customer. Depending on th eworking temperature of the carrier, environmental conditions and type, form and thickness of insulation removable covers are designed in different variants.

Technical features
Thermal conductivityW/(m)0,0342
Limiting temperature of use-270 to +900
Calculation of removable Heat-insulation