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Management Policy

Our strategic purpose:

  • Absolute satisfaction of demands and wishes of our clients and our personnel

Our values:

  • Client’s devotion;
  • Personnel of the company.

Objectives of the managers:

  • Constant improvement of the quality of the products;
  • Meeting needs of the personnel of the company;
  • Development of the personnel, increase of qualification and motivation;
  • Customer focus of the personnel of the company;
  • Timely manufacture of the products and delivery to the client;
  • Establishment and retention of low prices and high quality;
  • Reduction of costs on manufacture of the products;
  • Constant market research in order to introduce new kinds of products;
  • Expansion of the mastered markets and penetration to new trade areas.

Goals for the year 2020:


  • Amount of defects on the stage of production sustain at the level of 2019;
  • Provide training for 2 superthin fiber production machine apprentices;
  • In order to reduce losses in the manufacture of products, start developing a technological line for the production of cardboard TK-4;
  • Modernize the drying stove in cardboard and slabs production workshop that will give a 5% reduction of the expenses;
  • Start up the production of a new type of goods - the ceaseless basalt fiber;
  • For the sales department to sustain the volume of selling on the level of 2019;
  • Modernize sewing conveyors in order to improve the quality of sewn mats and and prevent raveling of stitches.


To achieve stated objects, leaders take responsibility to create for the personnel of the factory all conditions necessary for the realization of the objectives.