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Chain link mesh

The Magnier mesh is a product made of heat-treated low-carbon steel wire by connecting, weaving two adjacent, parallel bars by the method of their alternate twisting
  • Chain link mesh for glass reinforcement.
  • Chain link mesh for thermal insulation works.
  • Chain link mesh for motor racing tracks.
  • Twisted mesh for gabions.
  • Twisted netting for aviaries.
  • Cages for chickens and quails.
  • Twisted mesh for plastering work.
  • Twisted mesh for reinforcement.
  • Reed roofing mesh.
  • Twisted lump net.
  • Twisted mesh for frames of garden sculptures and figures.

Width: 500 mm - 2000 mm

Thickness: 0.7mm - 0.9mm

Length: 100 m

Cell type: hex

Cell size: 35x35 mm

Wire type: galvanized, uncoated

Packing: plastic bags