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Basalt roving

Area of application
  • For the manufacture of various composite materials (pipes for the oil and gas and chemical industries, basalt plastics, basalt plastic reinforcement, brake pads, prepregs);
  • As the reinforcing filler for a fibrobeton;
  • As a raw material for the production of heat and sound insulation products (cords, fabrics, mats, tapes);
  • In the technology of "spray application";
  • Manufacturing profiles, tanks;
  • For the production of needle-punched materials;
  • For the production of body armor.
  • Environmental friendliness, lack of toxic and carcinogenic substances in it (created on the basis of natural stone - basalt)
    Increased mechanical resistance;
  • High natural strength (1.3 times stronger than E-glass and 2.5 times - alloyed steel);
  • Long term of use (up to 50 years without deterioration of technical characteristics);
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance to aggressive media, including acidic and alkaline;
  • Ability to filter aggressive substances;
  • Good sound insulation;
  • Dielectricity;
  • UV resistance;
  • High moisture resistance, heat and cold resistance (it can be constantly used at t 700 C, and at t 900 C its short-term use is allowed).

In the bobbins. The bobbins are laid in a corrugated cardboard box.

Technical features
MarkingDiam. elementary threadsLinear densityBreaking load
-0from 8 to 11 micronsfrom 25 texnot less than 430 mN/tex
-1from 11 to 14 micronsfrom 50 texnot less than 410 mN/tex
-2from 14 to 18 micronsfrom 80 texnot less than 390 mN/tex
-3from 18 to 22 micronsfrom130 texnot less than 370 mN/tex
Pollutant emissionat combustionno