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Fireproof system FIX-M

For fire barrier of metal ventilations and chimney holes in industrial and civil building

Material with superb heat and sound – insulating qualities, incombustible, fireproof, fire safe and ecological.

Area of application
  • Fire barrier, heat and sound-insulation in domestic and civil building, in constructions with fire-preventive purpose (doors, partitions etc.);
  • Fire barrier, heat and sound-insulation in machine manufacturing sphere (including shipbuilding and carriage engineering);
  • Heat and sound – insulation of industrial and domestic equipment, means of transport, pipelines and air ducts;
  • Temperature of use from – 200°C to +900°C;
  • Electro, gas vacuum induction furnaces of different purposes (melting,hardening, kiln, heating, fixed, furnaces for metal and alloy annealing );
  • Soaking pit;
  • Heat-insulation of industrial and domestic boilers (heating, water, low-pressure, steam, cast-iron), steam generators;
  • Heat insulation of refrigeration equipment.
  • Superb heat and sound insulation qualities;
  • Incombustible, fireproof, fire safe, ecological (does not contain phenol -formaldehyde) ;
  • Chemical-resistant, nontoxic;
  • Insensitive to microorganisms and rodents, does not rot;
  • Does not increase diffusive resistance of the constructions (perfect vapor permeability);
  • Has low absorbability (does not absorb moisture from the air);
  • Insensitive to vibrations (does not collapse or decrease in volume);
  • Has small weight;
  • Minimal thickness of surface;
  • Minimal loading on the construction;
  • Has rust-preventing qualities;
  • Fireproof system FIX-M is supplied with covering of aluminum foil or without it;
  • Can be applied on the sections of air ducts on the factory floor or on-site before installation or after;
  • Simplicity and manufacturability of installation, does not require special equipment, components and special skills.



Length, mm


Width, mm



Thickness, mm



Technical features
Fire resistancemin60
Surface densitykg/m³130
Thermal conductivityW/m/K0,040
Technical characteristics of the glue
Temperature of use°Ń> +5
Specific gravityg/cm³1,36
Thermal stability°Ń> 1000
Expiration dateyears3